If You’re A Mum Business Owner Who Feels You’re Wasting Time You’ll Never Get Back With Your Kids You Need To Read This Short, Shocking Cautionary Tale Now…

The Hospital

I‘m in a poorly lit hospital room putting on a brave face. The reality is my whole world is falling apart. My chest feels like it will explode at any moment. My jaw is weak from holding back a scream of anguish and sorrow. I’m fighting back the tears but with every moment I simply want to be free from this cage. All I see ahead in life is a vast expanse of uncertainty and loneliness. Behind me a trail of missed moments and memories. And in this very moment anger and regret consume my body and mind … things should have been different.

The reason I feel like this is…


I’m Saying My Last Goodbye To My Dying Mum…

I’m Ten Years Old.

My mum, like you, is a successful business owner… at least until a few weeks ago. She ran a clothing shop chain, a gym (named after her favourite drink), and now operates beauty salons. I say operate because although mum owns them, the reality is they own her. She’d love to spend more time watching me play tennis, picking me up from school, playing in the garden on the weekend, going on fun holidays and having time for her hobbies, and I’d love to have the time with her too.

The truth is mum simply can’t take the time off.

If Mum Doesn’t Keep Working The Business Dies

We won’t have money for food, clothes or a place to live. Mum is a slave to the very business she started in order to create freedom and choice in her life. Now she has no freedom and one choice- work or starve. Mum has to work because…

Mum Can’t Trust Anyone Else To Do The Job As Well As Her

Mum doesn’t have the right people. They haven’t been trained. No one runs the company like she does. Mum doesn’t have processes in place. Mum can’t sell it because it’s all dependent on her and she can’t let it go. Mum started this business at seventeen, any moment of not working she feels immensely guilty.

The tragedy is these are simple problems to fix when you know how but the real problem is…

No One Ever Taught Her How To Properly Run Her Business

How to build a team invested in your mission taking ownership for the business without giving them ownership. A team that puts the hours in, they don’t cut corners, and the business survives if you need time away. Unfortunately, mum hasn’t done this and we are about to loose everything. As I stand holding her hand I don’t even recognize her. The flu mum should have fought off in days has decimated her body. Her immune system destroyed by the years of stress, little sleep and no proper rest. It was bound to reach her spinal chord.

It All Happened So Fast

It has taken just 11 days for her to go from bouncing full of energy (running on adrenaline) to laying here unable to turn and look at me or even hold my hand because she’s paralyzed from the neck down. This is the first time I’ve seen her since she was brought in. Mum didn’t want me to see her in such a state. The doctors warned my grandma they are stopping treatment and this is her last night alive.

There’d Been Signs Along The Way

Whilst her paralysis happened quickly it wasn’t a surprise and it certainly wasn’t the first warning sign. Mum has been so consumed by her business…

Mum Makes Less And Less Time For Herself

Mum comes home at 11-12pm (sometimes later) and grabs whatever is quick and easy to eat as she is so exhausted. Then she crams in all the things she hasn’t done during the day because mum is constantly putting out fires, being distracted by her team and answering to unhappy clients. A good night is three hours sleep. Mum has gained weight but feels guilty going to the gym when the business needs her. In fact when mum is at work she feels guilty for not being with me. When mum is with me (rarely) she feels guilty for not working and is always distracted thinking about work. Any time in between she feels guilty for letting me down and disappointing me because she hasn’t yet figured out how to do either well. Mum isn’t even thinking about looking after herself and doing things she wants and needs to do- like going to the gym. Mum kept telling herself she would go when the business was sorted out … Now it never will be.

Years Passed Like This But Things Didn’t Change

All that changed was more stress and pressure and an even more run down, overworked and exhausted mum business owner trying her best to deal with it. Every year became more difficult. Every small thing became a big issue. Mum snaps at me (something she never used to do). Staff seem to get worse, the business falls behind competitors. For all the hours and hours of consistent dogged determination surely the business and life should be better than this.

The Business Could Only Change When Mum Changed

Mum has never been taught how to run a business properly so she did it through hard work and sheer determination. Those 90-120 hour weeks to create the life for me she never had as a child had taken their toll, and now it was the end. As I stand looking into her tearful eyes full of regret I can’t imagine what mum must be feeling. Those blue eyes that usually sparkle full of love and pride can’t hide the broken body and heart. I suddenly feel my whole body seize from what feels like being squeezed in a huge vice leaving nothing inside but pressure and pain as I realise I’ll be completely alone on my 11th birthday. It’s only a few months away. I can’t take any more of this agony so I give her a hug and say my final goodbye.

I Vowed I’d Never Make The Same Mistake

I left the room knowing it was the last time I’d see her. My dad hadn’t been around for years. He’d attacked us both, when I was eight. He nearly ended things even sooner when mum finally found the courage to leave him. So in that vey moment I felt like an orphan. I made a promise I’d never put someone in my family in a similar situation. I knew mum was doing her best but…

I Was Certain There Was A Better Way

I became obsessed with finding out how to run and grow businesses. How you set a vision, build a team and get them bought into that vision so it can run & grow without you. How you create processes to automate tasks & scale a business to build leveraged and predictable results. I learnt about passive income, entrepreneurs whose businesses ran without them, how you enhance your performance to create time, financial and mindset freedom. Most importantly I learned how you do it without sacrificing your health, family and friends or missing the chance to see your kids grow up.

It Was A Challenge

My idea of a normal work week from her was 90-120 hours. I still to this day wrestle with the feeling of guilt when having proper down time & recovery. That’s the example mum set. Even though I know the dangers of not doing it! My journey led me to graduate with honors from the #1 International Business Programme in the USA. The other students were there for education. I was there to figure out emancipation.

Business Is Always Hard To Start

Building a business is not easy. It requires hours and hours of hard work and determination. As the business grows past certain levels there are certain things you have to fix otherwise you’ll never be free. What I noticed along my journey and in the last three years working with leaders of the largest companies in the world is there are 5 Levels of Business Ownership on your journey from feeling trapped to experiencing freedom.

I also realised that…

No Matter What Level You Are At There Are Always Challenges

The question is how long will you allow these challenges to remain problems instead of becoming projects you are focused on and breaking through to the next level for your freedom, family and fulfilment. As was the case for my mum…

These Challenges Don’t Change Until You Change

It may be it’s the team, financial management, marketing, competition, recruiting, hiring or systems in your business that need to change. I’m sure you know what your biggest challenge is right now. Perhaps for you, you are at level 2 and you want to be more organised and start freeing yourself from the business and the one thing that would allow you to do that is a team you can trust. A team you can depend on that isn’t dependent on you. Now you may be thinking…

If My Team Were Just like Me Everything Would Be Great

This is the biggest mistake you can make as a business owner. “Your goal is not to have a team of people who do everything as well as you. Your goal is to have a team of individuals who each do one thing better than you”. You understand and can deliver in every area of your business quite well. However if you want to move up to level 3 and be more organised and beyond so you can take days off and have more time with your kids you have to organise your team in roles so people can specialise. It’s completely true they aren’t performing at the level you want (a recent Gallup study showed only 1 in 10 employees is engaged at work worldwide) but if you are the owner and you want to suceed ultimately it comes back to you. And that’s exciting! If it’s down to you it means you are in control. You get to fix it and take your business and life to the next level.

Life Doesn’t Have To Happen For You, You Get To Shape It

In my years of leading teams and working with high performers what always stands out is the most successful people are always looking for ways to go to the next level. They are always hungry to keep pushing themselves and raise the bar. When the last company I worked for approached the GBR rowing squad before the London 2012 Olympics only seven of the fifteen boats took the opportunity to work with us. The results were six of the squad’s nine medals came from those seven boats.

The Best Are Always Looking For That Edge To Be Even Better

Clearly as you’ve read this far you are a successful business owner looking to go to the next level and because of that you know something needs to change. Nothing will change until something new comes out of you or something new comes into your life. It may be you want to learn from the best how to take your business to the next level. You want to avoid the mistakes my mum made. You believe, rightly so, it is possible to free yourself from your business without losing a penny in profit. Everything you’ve learned to this day is vital to growing your business. However, clearly something resonated with you to still be reading- maybe you are worried about your health, you don’t want to let down your kids anymore, you want to have time for yourself without feeling guilty all the time. In order to …

Free Yourself From Your Business Without Losing A Penny in Profit

I want to do something special for you. Something my mum never had a chance to because I don’t want:

  • your kids feeling the same way I did growing up.
  • your kids torn between wanting their mum at home and wanting a secure lifestyle
  • you feeling the pain of regret
  • you to miss the most precious thing you’ll ever have in your life- your children growing up

I want you to know going forward how you can:

  • build a team you can trust
  • rid yourself of guilt and live each day care free
  • build long term confidence in yourself and your business
  • build a business that runs without you so if anything happens you and your family will be secure- you won’t have to move house to an area where your kids get beaten up and their hair set on fire (that’s what happened to me).

I want to show you how you create a true transformation in your business and life. Therefore, I’m offering you your own 1-1…

Freedom Breakthrough Session

When you’ve completed this session you will know:

  1. The counterintuitive reason you don’t want your team to be as good as you if you want freedom.
  2. How to get your team invested in your mission and working like they own it without giving them ownership.
  3. How to get your team thinking the changes you make are their idea so they own them and are excited to implement them.

I’ll also give you:

  1. The Time Transformation Training + Template (before the call) this will free up at least 10 hours/week.
  2. The Organisation Roles Template the fastest way to transform the performance of your team.
  3. The 5 questions you need to answer to keep your team accountable like it’s their own business even when you are away enjoying your freedom.

As you can see I am providing massive value for FREE but please understand…

This Is Not For Everyone.

Here’s Who I Can Help:

Given my background working with leaders of the largest companies in the world and my passion for helping overworked mum business owners here are my strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed.

Here it is:

  1. Your business revenue must exceed $100,000 annually- This is not for startups.
  2. You must want to free yourself from your business so you have the choice to work or enjoy your freedom.
  3. You must want to grow your business and increase your positive impact.
  4. You must be coachable- if you do not have an open mind and come with a positive attitude please leave one of the limited spaces for someone ready & willing to learn. After all if you aren’t ready to change and take your life to a new level for your family, freedom and fulfilment neither of us benefit.

That’s it! Those are all my requirements.

This Session Is Not For

I have a very limited number of sessions I can offer so this session is not for business owners:

  1. looking for fairy dust and a magic wand
  2. not prepared to commit to the change they want to create in their life
  3. who want to have others do all the work for them

Why Would I Offer It?

Unless you skipped down to this exact spot and missed my whole story, it will be obvious. I suffered an incredible amount in my childhood due to my mum not knowing how to build her business and she even more so. We will never get back that time together. Just see some of the texts mum wrote when I told her who I wanted to help and asked her what her biggest challenges were.

So you can see why I want to make it available to you. It’s what I am the best in the world at because I don’t know anyone else that has my combination of being a child in that situation and the level of coaching I have done at such a high level. It is a lot of fun and brings me huge satisfaction and makes me very happy to see a mum business owner achieve time, financial and mindset freedom and change their family’s quality of life. To move from feeling trapped choosing between her kids and her business to freeing herself from her business without losing a penny in profit.

This Isn’t Like Other Business Coaching

Where you have to sit there like a lecture on things you already know. Sure there’ll be times I’m holding you accountable but top leaders and Olympic coaches and athletes don’t hire me to coach them on their technique. I’m there to get them a result, to educate and develop them to perform and deliver what they know they have to. To make those shifts that is going to give them the results they want. It’s the same for your business.

No One Can Run Your Business Better Than You

I’m simply here to ensure you use all the experience, knowledge and skills you have gained and combine that with you operating at the peak of your abilities to produce a life of freedom and fulfilment. So if you want to reserve your Freedom Breakthrough Session apply by clicking the button below. 

Book Your Freedom Breakthrough Session

Only Available For A Short Time

I would love to make this available all the time but like you I have a business to build. Unfortunately I can’t promise this will be available next week because I am currently looking for a select group of new clients. Once I begin with this group I will work very closely with them to ensure they achieve incredible lightening fast transformations in their business and life. Once I have these clients I will no longer be able to offer the Freedom Breakthrough Session so reserve your spot today.

What I can guarantee is…

I Will Not Waste Your Time

I know how incredibly valuable your time is. I would never abuse your time and take it away from your business and children without good cause. The good cause here is to invest an hour of your time in order to develop the skills and knowledge that can unlock a lifetime of freedom. You invest once in the session but it could cost you forever to not solve the challenges you are currently facing. In order to show you how serious I am about not wasting your time as soon as you fill out the application you’ll land on the thank you page where you will see the Time Transformation Training and Template. I’m doing this so you can see I’m here to offer you massive value and now you also have no excuse not to make the time for your Freedom Breakthrough Session.

You will leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to free yourself from your business without losing a penny in profit. You won’t get any sales pitch or pressure from me of any kind, ever.

In fact, here is my “HUGE PROMISE” to you…

You Find Our Conversation To be Incredibly Valuable Or I’ll Pay You $100.00 Immediately To Compensate You for Your Time

Now obviously this is an amazing offer which you’ll probably never see from any other coach in the world. Think about it, I’m personally going to walk you step by step through the templates and tactics to build a team you can trust so you can free yourself from you business – for free – and then letting you pay me if (and only if you decide to work together long term). Plus I’m taking it one BOLD step further by guaranteeing you’ll find this Freedom Breakthrough Session immensely valuable – or I’ll pay you $100.00 just for wasting your time.

Just tell me, and it’s yours. No questions asked. There really is zero risk.

I’m The Only Coach Doing This

No other coaches out there are making this offer of paying you if you don’t find the session valuable. I’m doing it for you because I know the training and templates I’ve created for you can add massive immediate value to you and solve your current pain and challenges fast. I’ve also worked with the top leaders in the world as well as Olympic coaches and athletes so I’m extremely confident in your ability to achieve the results you want.

As you can imagine this is an incredible offer so places fill up fast and there are…

Limited Spaces

I’ve set a maximum of 10 spaces in the next 10 days to choose from. After that I cannot guarantee there will be availability. In fact the spaces may already be gone. Unfortunately you’ll only know once you click the button below and see what times are available. If you are serious about freeing yourself from your business without losing a penny in profit so you can rid yourself of guilt to ensure your kids feel loved, wanted and know they are your #1 priority then…

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally in your Freedom Breakthrough Session about creating a team you can trust to create freedom in your life then:

  1. Click the button below
  2. Choose a timezone, date and time and reserve your spot
  3. Fill out the application questionnaire
  4. Watch the Time Transformation Training and fill out the template on the thank you page

Get ready for a life of guilt free time with your family, unlimited freedom and more fulfilment than you could ever imagine.

Reserve Your Spot!

P.S. It’s Your Duty To Change

I hope you took the time to read through this page as there is valuable insight and training. I’m going to assume a successful mum business owner like yourself is always open to learning how to free herself from her business without losing a penny in profit so I have two final thoughts for you.

Firstly thank you for investing your precious time in reading my story and I hope it was of value to you as I don’t wish any mother or child to have the same experience we did.

Secondly, now you have been given this gift to free yourself from your business it is your duty to make the necessary changes otherwise in 10-15 years time it will feel 100x worse knowing you had the opportunity to change and didn’t.

Time goes so fast, it’s time to make a shift now so book your Freedom Breakthrough Session because…

They Only Grow Up Once.

Freedom Breakthrough Session for overworked mum business owners only… 

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