Being Brilliant Every Day

Discover how you can control the real drivers of your success so you can deliver outstanding results every single day. Zander’s compelling ideas will help you develop much greater strategic clarity and take your organisation to a level you didn’t think possible. It will create a level of alignment, engagement and performance most have never experienced in their career.

All of this is driven by Zander’s rare ability to use bio and neuro-sciences to identify the key drivers of organisational performance and provide a framework for principles, processes and methodologies that transform results.

Virtually all leaders, entrepreneurs and organisations have tried a variety of approaches and methods to resolve the issues they face, or achieve the results they desire. Zander Woodford-Smith will build on what you’ve done. His thinking is based on extensive scientific research, a deep understanding of the real physiological drivers of performance and his unique experience on the international tennis circuit combined with coaching Olympic coaches and athletes, entrepreneurs and executives of billion dollar companies.

What really matters is measurable and sustainable change in a leader, entrepreneur or organisation’s performance. Zander Woodford-Smith will set you on the path to achieve two or three more levels of performance. In short, he will help you be brilliant every day.

What Planet Are You On? Tech Driven Human Development

If there is one thing you could learn that would transform your life more than anything else what do you think that one thing is? Better yet, what is one thing that you could teach humanity that would do the most good. If you had to narrow it right down.

Zander Woodford-Smith says that one thing is the ability to regulate your own emotional state.

There are really only three things we can control in life. What we do, what we think and what we feel. As the first two are dependent on the last being able to shift how you feel is the single most important skill you can learn.

Since 2012 Zander has been digitalising in the forms of apps the skills formerly only available to global executives and Olympic athletes. In this keynote he takes the audience on a journey through their interior universe. Demonstrating how tech can be used to enhance human development.